Home Business 20 Top Online Jobs and Side Hustles for Teens 2023

20 Top Online Jobs and Side Hustles for Teens 2023

20 Top Online Jobs and Side Hustles for Teens 2023

20 Top Online Jobs and Side Hustles for Teens 2023

Finding a job that pays well as a teen is much easier than earlier. Alongside traditional jobs like working in the grocery shop or eating establishments, teens can look for work and even find ways to earn money at home from the comfort of their homes.

In this article, we’ll discuss the most popular web-based jobs as well as side hustles that are available for teens and provide information about pay, the primary duties of the job, and the job’s requirements.

Top 20 online jobs for teens

Here’s a list of the top jobs online for teens who want to make additional money during their leisure time:

  1. Data Entry

The process of data entry can be described as a form of clerical work which involves the use of various methods like typing and recording voice to input information into computers. Data entry clerks work in various industries, such as finance, healthcare, transport, retail, etc.

Data entry jobs usually require speedy and precise typing abilities. Age requirements vary depending on the business or individual who is hiring you. Many employers require that you are either 16 or 18 to be able to perform data entry.

Data Entery Job

  1. Graphic Designer

Graphic designers create digital art with the help of special software and equipment. If you’re a creative person and you enjoy creating art, you might be interested in pursuing freelance graphic design work. It is common to determine your own rates, whether hourly or per job.

The job requires artistic abilities along with technological skills, so it is essential to learn how to utilize the software for graphic design. It is possible to create your portfolio first by assisting in creating projects for student groups, including non-profits, political parties or family members, and local institutions. After you’ve compiled a portfolio, you’ll be able to put it together to get paid clients.

graphic designer job

  1. Video Editor

Various industries rely on video content and require video editors who can use audio, images, and footage to tell stories. A video editor who is freelance takes raw footage from a video and edits it to improve its quality, length, and sound. They may also participate in post-production and production of filmmaking.

You’ll need to build your editing skills for video and build your portfolio before applying for paid jobs. Time management and communication skills are essential for freelancers so that they can make the most of their earnings.

video editor job

  1. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants handle a variety of administration tasks on behalf of their customers. Their duties include answering telephone calls as well as scheduling meetings, booking hotel reservations, and arranging calendars for clients.

To become a virtual assistant, you’ll need to be proficient on the internet as well as email and computer software and have a good understanding of writing and verbal communication, organizational skills, and time management.

virtual assistant job

  1. Instagram Influencer

Students from schools and colleges can become influencers on Instagram for a company, brand, or product. Your influence will help get people to support your cause or become your employer’s customers.

instagram influencer job

  1. Content Writer

Do you enjoy sharing ideas and writing? If so, you’ll be able to find online jobs that require you to write things like blog posts or captions for social media. Businesses will use your work to help them with their online marketing strategies. Alternatively, you can create an online blog, and, in the end, you could make it a business. Be aware that this will take longer rather than working at a business that is already seeking writers.

If you want to be a successful online writer, you need to be aware that writing online isn’t as easy that writing an essay in school. Make sure you look over the following tutorial for more information if you’re interested in this type of job!

Content writers write blog articles and other web content for companies to publish to promote their websites. Content writers usually get paid by the word or piece. If you are a strong writer and have grammar abilities, you may find jobs as a freelance writers.

To become a freelance content writer, you’ll require the ability to write and edit well. It’s recommended to build an online portfolio that showcases your most impressive, error-free work. Additionally, you’ll need to manage your time efficiently and possess excellent communication skills to succeed as a freelancer.

content writer job

  1. Online Tutoring

Are you exceptionally proficient in the subjects you study at school? Are you a fan of conversing with non-natives of English or other languages that you are fluent in? If so, you’ll be able to earn money easily as an online tutor one-on-one.

All you require is a peaceful location to conduct online lessons as well as your profile on the online platform for tutoring, along with (of course) the ability to master the subject of your tutoring.

One of the highest-paying tasks a teenager can perform online is to be a tutor. At the same time, online tutoring is generally reserved for students of higher levels. Some platforms allow teenagers to teach their peers for a small fee. It’s possible that you can offer online tutoring to your peers for an area or subject you’ve completed or teach the basics of the language to foreign non-native language speakers.

Jobs in online tutoring typically require teenagers to demonstrate their proficiency in their subject by taking an exam. The platform may also require tutors to be a minimum of 18 years old and attend several training sessions before starting to work with students. Most platforms require tutors possess a webcam since sessions are typically held via video conference.

online tutoring job

  1. Online Selling

Becoming an online merchant could be an excellent opportunity to earn money online. Many people are starting to purchase online, so teenagers who are able to design and market their own products could consider the work of an online store and reseller to be a lucrative job. There are various options to sell your products that are available online with a variety of options, from dedicated marketplaces and social platforms.

To become an online merchant must have a product to sell and also be an active user or member of an online platform for selling. For instance, if you’re a knitter with a lot of experience and have the skill, you might be able to sell the things that you create through one of these sites. You may also be able to sell items you already own through online marketplaces. Every platform typically comes with its own set of terms that you must accept to utilize its website.

online selling job

  1. App Tester

You can apply online to become an app tester at many companies. The job requires you to test apps for ease of use, general appearance, and other things.

app tester job

  1. Your own YouTube channel

You’ve heard stories of kids and teens earning millions of dollars via YouTube! It’s not the easiest method to make money in the first place. If you’re prepared to take the long view and are interested in creating videos, it’s certainly worth looking into!

To become a YouTuber, you’ll have to develop and share original content on whatever topic you are interested in. Once you’ve gained enough followers to earn money, you can make cash by putting ads on your videos.

You’ll require a high level of expertise in video editing and skills in the use of computers to create your YouTube channel. To have profitable YouTube channels, you’ll have to be committed to continue producing engaging content.

You’ll need to select your area of expertise, like general vlogging, or a particular area or interest that you are interested in. The videos you create will be edited and filmed, make video titles and descriptions, then add YouTube tags, make thumbnails, and then optimize your videos to make them monetizable. Make sure you are aware of YouTube algorithms and ways to create videos that are successful. This can be as simple as finding the best equipment to produce quality videos using SEO or search engine optimization (SEO) methods.

Your own YouTube channel

  1. Online surveys and reviews

There’s no way to make a lot of money by surveying. However, they’re not a lot of time, and they’re pretty simple. You’ll be paid for these surveys since they aid companies in understanding more about their clients and how they perceive their products. To get this job online, all you have to do is sign up on any of the survey websites that we’ve provided below.

One of the most effective methods of earning cash online is completing surveys or writing reviews. It is important to remember that the amount you earn through surveys may be a bit low compared to other opportunities to earn money. Hourly earnings for surveys can vary between 40 cents and $2.

Online reviews include evaluating the content that will be published on a website or other platform, like commercials, songs, or a television show. Once you’ve viewed the content, you can give feedback to help businesses, artists, and other companies modify their content so that they can get the most attention they can get.

If you are taking surveys, take care not to share sensitive information. Make an email account for survey websites, and install antivirus software to protect yourself from malware. Teens must always go through the Terms of Service (ToS) before registering on an online survey site. Knowing how payments will be made is crucial since certain websites allow monetary payment, and some offer rewards for completed surveys in the form of gift cards.

Online surveys and reviews job

  1. Online tasks

If you’re organized and have time-management abilities, you could be able to locate various online jobs to earn extra cash. Since each task doesn’t take a long time to complete, teenagers who are adept in time management can do a variety of jobs on numerous online platforms in order to maximize their earning potential.

Some examples of these tasks are being paid to view online videos in order to increase the number of views as well as playing games, notifying any mistakes that are found during the game, and also completing simple searches online.

Online tasks job

  1. Playing Video Games

Yes, you read that right! You can earn money by playing games. There are plenty of methods to earn this. You can try out different video games or instruct players on how you play your favorite video games, turn into an experienced gamer, or even build an audience through Twitch. Take a look at the following article for more information on the various ways to get involved and more.

Playing Video Games job

  1. Review Music & Movies

You probably enjoy music & movie regularly. You could make it a good source of income if you are open to reviewing and giving feedback to new music & movie artists and producers.

Your feedback can help commercial and artistic agencies make improvements to the music & movie they use before releasing them to a broader audience.

Review Music & Movies job

  1. Voice-Over Artist

Have you ever wondered who speaks in the advertisements you see on TV or YouTube? A voice-over artist! As a voiceover artist, you make use of the voice of your audience to engage, tell stories, or market products.

If you enjoy reading aloud in a calm space at home, this might be suitable part-time work for you.

Voice-Over Artist job

  1. Photography

Do you love to take photos? If yes, you could capture photos for companies or individuals and earn money! You can also capture photographs and sell them on websites that sell stock photos for cash.

20 Top Online Jobs and Side Hustles for Teens 2023

  1. Online Reporter

Reporting is one of the most rewarding jobs, as it can provide many travel opportunities. Many news media companies are looking for reporters to work in various locations.

They want news from all over the world. You could be an online reporter if you have a keen eye for news.

Online Reporter Job

  1. Software Assistance

Software assistants work remotely from anywhere, whether they are at home or in a dorm. Software developers can rely on them for crucial inputs regarding the ease of use of the software and other features.

Software Assistance Job

  1. App Developer

Anyone can take an online course in coding and become an app developer. App development is the most lucrative and easy job in the post-Covid-19 age, as many businesses use apps to serve their customers.

App Developer job

  1. Blogger

To become a blogger, you must have excellent writing skills and a passion for everything. If people like your blogs and follow you, you can be a celebrity blogger.

Blogger job

The above points are 20 Top Online Jobs and Side Hustles for Teens 2023.

In Conclusion

An online job allows teens to work from anywhere, including at home, college, or university dorms. These jobs, like the one for Instagram Influencer or Online surveys and many more, don’t even require computers.

Instead, you could connect your mobile phone to the internet. These jobs allow you to work flexible hours.