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Top 17 Women with the Most Attractive Figure 2022

Top 17 Women with the Most Attractive Figure 2022

Top 17 Women with the Most Attractive Figure 2022

This list will feature several women who are already very popular and in the spotlight. Some of them include Kylie Jenner, Ashley Graham, and Irina Shayk. Kim Kardashian is a trendy woman who is 5 feet 3 inches tall and weighs 58 kg. She has a huge fan following worldwide. In 2022, we expect the list also to include Argentine model Camila Morrone, who is in a relationship with Academy Award winner Leonardo DiCaprio.

Your search for the most beautiful woman in the World has ended here. Please look at our top 17 females with the most attractive body in 2022.

We all know that women are the beautiful creations of God. Beauty, talent, and intelligence always create a woman who is complete. There are stunning beautiful women around the globe that create a beautiful atmosphere around each individual. It’s more enjoyable when we try at the most beautiful women with the most attractive appearance on the planet. This is why you’re here to find out the exact.

Most well-known and popular women who have the most beautiful and perfect body. Let’s look at this list.

Top 17 Females with the most attractive figure 2022

  1. Saxon Sharbino
Top 17 Women with the Most Attractive Figure 2022

American actor Saxon Sharbino is well known to the public for her outstanding acting abilities. She can be seen in numerous television and movie series. She is among the most gorgeous teenage actresses on the planet, born on June 11, 1999. She was born in Texas.

Saxon Sharbino is a beautiful young woman with the most beautiful figure size of 35-25-36 inches. She’s gorgeous and has a shape and slim look. Her fans are huge across the globe.

The 5’7 inches tall beauty with a body weight of 58 kg is well-known for her flawless body measurements. Blue eyes are gorgeous, and people are in awe of her beautiful smile all over the World.

  1. Irina Shayk
Irina Shayk pic

Another lady with the most beautiful body on the planet is none other than one of the most beautiful women in the World, Irina Shayk. Irina Shayk is a well-known Russian model and actress with a perfect body shape. Her birth date was the 6th of January, 1986, in Yemanzhelinsk, Russia.

Shayk is a real fashion lover, which is why she’s an accomplished professional model in the World. Her eyes are perfect and green, and she has stunning brown hair. She stands 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs 54 kilograms in weight. The measurement of her body is 34-25-35. This is considered to be one of the most attractive female figures in the World.

Irina Shayk is a Russian model and actress. The actress was born in Yemanzhelinsk in the year 1986. She is 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs 54 pounds. The measurements of her body are 34-25-35. She has a muscular physique, a curvaceous body, and slim, slender legs. She is attractive, and her body is extremely popular with women.

Russian Model Irina Shayk is an absolute fashionista. She has worked with brands like Victoria’s Secret and Lacoste and is a massive fan of everything fashion-forward. She has a stunning body and eyes: the model and an actress who has appeared on the cover of various high-end magazines. Even Cristiano Ronaldo couldn’t resist her beauty.

Even timeless wardrobe staples are getting more sexually attractive and less long. Irina Shayk recently wore a 2022-style LBD. The dress had tiny circular cutouts on both the side and the back. Additionally, Shayk added similar cutouts on her back and arms.

  1. Amanda Cerny
Amanda Cerny pic

The famous American YouTuber, Model, and TV Star Amanda Cerny placed 3rd in our ranking of the Top 17 women with the most attractive figure in 2022. This hot model or social media celebrity is recognized to be one of the most beautiful women in the World and was born on 26th June 1991 in America. United States.

Amanda Cerny is a health and fitness enthusiast. She has a beautiful curvy body. Her dark brunette locks give her a stunning appearance. Her fame was boosted when she was selected as the Playboy player of the month for October 2011. She’s 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs 56 kg. In terms of body measurements, she’s 34-24-34. That’s the reason she is one of the most attractive women in the World.

  1. Dakota Johnson
Dakota Johnson pic

The American model and actress Dakota Johnson are one of the top women in the World, with the most appealing size. Her birth date was the 4th of October, 1989, in Austin city in America. United States. Her most well-known work is her part as a part of her role in the American movie Fifty Shades film series from 2015 to the year 2018. For that, she received an award of BAFTA Rising Star Award nomination in the year 2016. She has also been a part of the show on TV called “The Millionaire Matchmaker.” Her fans are massive around the World.

As reported in our article, Dakota Johnson topped the list of the 17 most gorgeous Hollywood actresses of 2020. The stunning actress is five feet eight inches tall, weighs 52 kilograms, and her body size is around 34-24-34 inches. Her beautiful face is magnetizing, which makes her one of the most beautiful women around the globe.

  1. Diletta Leotta
Diletta Leotta pic

A stunning and hot TV host from Italy cannot be overlooked when listing 17 of the most beautiful females with the most attractive physique in 2022. Diletta is among the most gorgeous and hot Italian women. Her birth date was the 16th of August, 1990, in Catania, Sicily, Italy.

In terms of body measurements, she’s 5 feet 8 inches. Tall, with a figure size of approximately. 35-26-38 inches. Her eyes are brown, and people are obsessed with her gorgeous and fantastic figure all over the World.

  1. Scarlett Johansson
Top 17 Women with the Most Attractive Figure 2022

If you’re Hollywood-obsessed, you must be familiar with one of the most attractive Hollywood actors Scarlett Johansson. Scarlett Johansson is a famous American actor, singer, and model born on the 22nd of November, 1984.

Johansson began her acting career at a young age. Her debut film, “North,” was popular, and she became famous following the release of this film. She has won numerous prizes like BAFTA, Tony Award, and BSFC Award for her amazing acting abilities. She isn’t just an actress, but also a model.

Her green eyes are the main attraction for people, and her beautiful figure is wow. She stands five feet three inches tall and weighs 57 kilograms. Her body measurements are 36-25-36, which is among the most beautiful figures around the globe.

  1. Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner pic

One of the most popular young female stars around the globe, Kylie Jenner, is next on our list. Jenner is an American model, businesswoman, and media persona. She was born on the 10th of august 1997 in the United States.

Jenner was named the youngest billionaire in the World in Forbes magazine in 2019. Her debut film is Ocean’s eight, and she is known as a reality TV celebrity.

Jenner is among the most attractive women of 2022. She has a slim and curvy body. Jenner is 5 feet 6 inches tall with a body weight of 60 kilograms. Her dark eyes, black hair, and curvaceous body draw attention toward her. The size of her body is 38-27-36 inches. If you look at some of the most famous pictures of Kylie Jenner, you’ll be able to agree Kylie Jenner is also the most beautiful body in the World.

Additionally, to be among the most wealthy women on the planet, Kylie Jenner became a millionaire thanks to the power of her iPhone photography. Although she denies having any cosmetic surgery, she does acknowledge using fillers for her face. These procedures can dramatically alter the facial shape as well as provide the appearance of convincing proof that she has undergone plastic surgery.

The youngest of the Kardashian family Kylie Jenner has a career as a model, an entrepreneur, and a social media star. She’s the mother of her daughter, Stormi, ruling the World of cosmetics. Her style has attracted many admirers who are amazed by her distinctive style. In reality, she is considered the newest self-made billionaire in the World. However, she has been the subject of criticism and speculation about her “self-made” status. She’s even been accused of falsifying tax forms to keep from taxation upon her earnings.

Despite her old years of age, Kylie Jenner’s physique remains amazing. Jenner bounced back swiftly after her second and first pregnancies. Many people believed she was having liposuction, but Jenner could return to her pre-baby within a couple of weeks. Also, her body is similar to Kim Kardashian’s.

  1. Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian pic

Who hasn’t heard of one of the most successful and multitalented women, Kim Kardashian? Sure, everybody who loves to follow the latest celebrity news. Kim Kardashian is a prominent American model, TV actress, socialite, and media host. She is also a successful businesswoman who owns various fragrance and clothing brands. Her birth date was 21st October 1980 in America. United States.

Kardashian has become a hugely popular figure following her 2002 video of sexual sex of her boyfriend Ray J. Currently, she is one of the top social media stars, among the top 17. She has been praised numerous times by magazines around the World to be the World’s most powerful individual and the highest-paid TV star all over the World.

Kardashian is 5 feet 3 inches tall. She is 58 kilograms. In terms of the measurement of her body, it’s 38-27-42 inches. Overall, she stands out with the title of one the hottest women who have the most attractive body size. There are a lot of fans throughout the World, and the majority of people love her body and style.

  1. Camila Morrone
Camila Morrone pic

Argentine model and actor Camila Morrone is another model who will be the World’s most beautiful figure in 2022. She is currently engaged to Oscar-award-winning Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio. She is among the most popular young fashion models from Argentine. She was born on June 16, 1997.

Morrone was featured on the cover of the lifestyle and fashion magazine Vogue in 2016. Following that, she was a part-time actress in several Hollywood films like Bukowski, Death Wish, Never Going Back, and Mickey and the Bear.

As a 22-year-old woman, Morrone is never behind in beauty or attractiveness. She has a beautiful curly shape that draws attention to her. Dark brown eyes, dark hair, and a stunning smile have made her an exceptional standing out among her fans. She’s 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs around 55 kilograms. If you’re looking at body measurements, it’s 34-25-35″, which is regarded as one of the most attractive women’s sizes.

Morrone, the actress of the moment, has a gorgeous curvy figure and is only 22 years old. She has an amazing smile, dark eyes, and a body size of 34-25-35 inches and was featured on the front cover of the style magazine Vogue. She has also appeared in films like Bukowski, Death Wish, Never Going Back, and Mickey and the Bear. This makes her appearance incredibly attractive.

Morrone has also been featured in various films, including Bukowski, By No Means Going Back, and Mickey and the Bear. Her work has been recognized for her acting skills, and she also has numerous tattoos.

Khloe Kardashian and Morrone were seen with each other in various places. Khloe Kardashian was spotted with Morrone at a Dolce and Gabbana party in Milan. The two were photographed together.

  1. Kelly Brook
Kelly Brook pic

Kelly Brook is the one who is the most attractive appearance in 2022. Kelly Brook is a professional model, actress, media star, and writer. Her birth date was the 23rd of November, 1979, in England.

Brook begins her career in modeling and is famous for her appearances as a character in the NBC sitcom program One Big Happy. Brook has appeared on several television shows like Strictly Come Dancing, Britain’s Got Talent, Celebrity Juice, It’s not me, and it’s You, Loose Women, and The Great British Bake Off. In addition, she has been a part of numerous films, including Absolon, Fishtales, Piranha 3D, Keith Lemon: The Film, etc.

Brook is 5 feet 6 inches tall, and her body measurements are 34-26-36-36 inches, making her the most beautiful figure on the planet. She has been recognized as a sex symbol as well as an icon of fashion around the World. She was named the Sexiest woman around the World by the magazine for lifestyle FHM. She has been featured on every countdown on the FHM 100 Sexiest chart since. Additionally, she’s also considered by many as one of the hottest plus-sized female models around the World.

In addition, Brook is sensational and the most beautiful woman in 2022. That’s why she has an enormous fan base around the World.

  1. Ashley Graham
Ashley Graham pic

Ashley Graham is a model and mum of three with a sexy figure. She has been praised for sharing gorgeous pictures of her nude body on Instagram. She captions the photos with messages about body confidence and feeling good in her skin.

She has been open about her stretch marks on Instagram and has used her high profile to promote body positivity. She showed off her postpartum body at the MTV Video Music Awards in New Jersey in 2022. She is seven months postpartum and had twin boys in January. She has three sons with her husband, Justin Ervin.

She also shatters stereotypes of body size and shape. She has been an icon for body acceptance for years. She has publicly thanked her body for having children and shares pictures of her real-life motherhood. She has even partnered with Pandora for a jewelry line called Diamonds by Pandora.

She has walked the runways for many top designers. She has also graced the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit. This made her the first plus-size model to grace the cover of a major magazine.

  1. Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie pic

Oscar-winning actress Angelina Jolie is one of the most famous figures in Hollywood. Known for her role as the lead in the blockbuster “Lara Croft” movies, Jolie is active in child and human rights issues. She also founded the Jolie-Pitt Foundation. The tabloid press has widely covered her personal life.

Angelina Jolie, born Angelina Jolie Voight, is an American actress, humanitarian, and filmmaker. Her parents are actors Jon Voight and Marcheline Bertrand. She began her career at age four in the movie “Lookin’ to Get Out,” then moved on to minor roles before landing her first significant role in 1995’s “Hackers.” Her work with UNHCR and other humanitarian organizations made her a prominent figure in the World.

Jolie’s body has already attracted a doppelganger. Jolie’s daughter Shiloh Pitt looks almost identical to her mother, and that resemblance continues to grow.

  1. Charlize Theron
Charlize Theron pic

Charlize Theron’s career spans several genres, and has been a frequent Oscar nominee. Her recent win for Monster is her third nomination. She has been wowing audiences since the late ’90s. But despite all her accolades, one may wonder how much money she will make in 2022.

Charlize Theron started as a model but now has a successful acting career. She has acted in dozens of movies and received a United Nations Messenger of Peace title. In addition to her acting skills, she has a beautiful figure and blue eyes.

The actor’s net worth is almost $200 million. She currently resides in California. She owns three houses in the Los Angeles area. One of her homes is a $30 million property in Hollywood Hills that she bought for her mother. She also has a home in San Francisco valued at $30 million. While her family life is predominantly out of the limelight, she does like to share pictures of her children and family on social media.

In addition to a stellar acting career, Theron has become a leading advocate for women in Hollywood. Her Netflix film The Old Guard has an 85% female cast. She is also currently working on a sequel.

  1. Priyanka Chopra
Priyanka Chopra pic

Priyanka Chopra is an Indian actress who is known as one of the sexiest women in the World. She is also one of the highest-paid actresses in Bollywood. Chopra has received numerous awards, including being named one of the top 100 most influential people in the World by Time Magazine. Forbes magazine has also named her one of the World’s most beautiful women. Chopra began her career in modeling before advancing to a successful acting career in Bollywood. She has also received numerous humanitarian awards for her work as UNICEF’s Goodwill Ambassador.

In 2022, many experts have listed Chopra as one of the World’s most beautiful women. Her perfect body, blue eyes, and flawless skin make her one of the most attractive women. She is considered a style icon in India and is on various lists of the top 17 most beautiful women.

Chopra is an Indian actress, singer, producer, model, and television presenter. She was born on 18 July 1982 in Jamshedpur, Bihar. Her parents are deceased, and she moved to Mumbai at the age of 16. She began her career at age two and a half for the L’Oreal Paris India Baby Magic campaign.

  1. Isabel Lucas
Isabel Lucas pic

Another model with an attractive body toned without being muscular is Isabel Lucas. Her features are natural, with high cheekbones and a narrow face. She stands five feet six inches tall and weighs 51 kilograms. Her body measurements are 34-24-35, which is among the most beautiful figures around the globe.

  1. Adriana Lima
Adriana Lima pic

One of the most popular models in the World, with an hourglass figure that has curves in all the right places. Her features are well-proportioned, and her skin is smooth. She stands five feet ten inches tall and weighs 60 kilograms. Her body measurements are 34-24-35, which is among the most beautiful figures around the globe.

  1. Miranda Kerr
Miranda Kerr pic

Miranda Kerr stands five feet nine inches tall and weighs 54 kilograms. Her body measurements are 34-26-33, and she is among the most beautiful figures around the globe, with an enviable body and stunning features, such as large eyes and a wide mouth. Her skin is incredibly soft, making her look young even though she’s in her early thirties.

In conclusion, these 17 ladies have the most attractive figure in 2022! Please pay attention to their diet and exercise habits to keep their figures looking great. Keep these tips in mind when trying to maintain your attractiveness, too!

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