FIFA world cup all time winners

Fifa world cup all time winners

FIFA World Cup Winners – All Time Winners

Amongst the many greats in the football world, there are some who have taken their teams to the highest level. This article lists the countries that have won the World Cup outside their continental confederation. These countries include Brazil, West Germany, and Runners-up.

FIFA world cup all time winners

Whether he’s known as Pele or Dico, this Brazilian footballer has been a global superstar. In addition to his achievements on the field, Pele has also played a role in promoting soccer in the United States. He’s been involved in various commercial ventures, published autobiographies, and even appeared in successful documentary films.

Pele was the youngest player ever to play in a World Cup final. He scored two goals in the final to help Brazil win the tournament for the first time. He was also named the tournament’s top scorer.

The 17-year-old Pele joined Santos Futebol Clube in 1956. His father, Dondinho, was a professional football player but had to end his career prematurely due to a knee injury. After joining the club, Pele took part in national service in Brazil. He stayed loyal to Santos for two decades.

After winning the 1958 World Cup, Pele was named a Brazilian national hero. His autobiography was a best seller. He was also named Athlete of the Century by the International Olympic Committee. He was also appointed UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador.

Pele also played for the armed forces in Brazil. He also served as an ambassador for soccer and for various bodies. He was also appointed UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador in 1995.

Pele made his World Cup debut in 1958 when he was just 17. He scored his first World Cup goal in the quarter-final against Wales. He then scored a hat-trick against France in the semi-final. He also scored two goals against Czechoslovakia and Romania. He scored six goals in four matches in his final World Cup tournament. He also assisted in three of Brazil’s goals.

Pele was also a member of Brazil’s successful 1970 World Cup team. His teammates included Tostao, Gerson, Jairzinho and Clodoaldo.


Throughout the history of the World Cup, Brazil has been the most successful team in the competition. They have won five World Cups and been runner-up in two of those matches.

The best team in the world has qualified for every World Cup since 1930, and they have qualified for all 21 competitions. This is the only country to do so. Brazil has won five World Cups and has been to all 21 World Cups.

The World Cup is often considered the world’s most popular sport. The tournament is held every four years. It’s the chance for the best international players to showcase their talents. It’s also the only time most players get to play.

The Brazilian footballer Pele was the youngest player to score a World Cup goal. In 1958, he scored a brace in the final against Sweden. He also became the youngest player in history to win a World Cup. He has since gone on to become one of the greatest players of all time.

The FIFA World Cup is held every four years and features the world’s best international players in action. Brazil is the only country to win all 21 competitions and the only country to qualify for each tournament.

The FIFA World Cup is the most prestigious tournament in international football. Known for freestyle footballing, Brazil has also been a force in the world of soccer. The country’s team includes superstars from the world’s biggest leagues. They include Pele, Neymar, and Lionel Messi.

The World Cup has been the stage for some of the most memorable moments in football history. One of the most famous moments is the tournament’s sexiest goal, a penalty kick.

FIFA world cup all time winners List

West Germany

Despite being a former East German nation, West Germany became the first team to win three World Cup finals. The team’s win in 1990 was the first time the Germans had been crowned World Cup winners since their reunification.

It is also a fact that West Germany was the first team to keep a clean sheet in the men’s World Cup final. Aside from the famous Golden Boot, Germany had also been a force to be reckoned with in the tournament.

The “miracle of Bern” in the 1990 World Cup helped re-establish the country’s international recognition. West Germany lost the first group match against Hungary 3-8 but then clinched a spot in the knockout stage by beating Turkey 7-2.

The most impressive statistic of all was that Germany beat Brazil in the semi-finals. The Germans also thumped the host country 7-1. That’s not to mention the Golden Boot winner, the hat trick by Geoff Hurst and the sexiest goal by Mario Gotze.

West Germany also deserved the award for the most goals scored in a World Cup tournament. Miroslav Klose was all time leading goalscorer in the men’s tournament.

The best part about the World Cup is that it is a free competition. The tournament is held every four years. The best team is awarded the title. The best players are also awarded the Golden Boot award, the most coveted award in the sport.

The best time to watch the game is during the first few weeks of the tournament. During this time, there is a great deal of hype and speculation regarding which team will win. The best teams are also the most likely to advance to the next stage.

Other countries to have won the World Cup outside their continental confederation.
Unlike previous World Cup tournaments, which featured mostly teams from Europe and South America, the 2002 FIFA World Cup saw teams from four other regions. These included South Korea, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and Iran. The tournament also marked the first time a host nation and a co-host country participated.

Previously, teams from other regions were only allowed to progress out of the tournament’s first round. Since then, more teams from Africa and Asia have participated in the tournament. As a result, the number of countries that have qualified for the World Cup finals has increased.

However, this policy of continental rotation may not continue after 2014. South Africa will host the next World Cup in 2010. It will feature 32 teams and will be held in 12 cities and venues. The next tournament will also feature an All-Star Team, which will be announced for each event.

The first World Cup took place in 1930. It included teams from Europe and South America and also included a qualification phase. However, due to World War II, the tournament was cancelled in 1942 and 1946. After that, a small number of teams from South America participated but were usually beaten by European teams.

In 1950, the World Cup saw the return of 1930 champions Uruguay. Uruguay defeated Argentina 4-2 in Montevideo, Uruguay’s first World Cup victory.

In 1982, the FIFA World Cup had 24 teams. New Zealand, Algeria, and Honduras all made their debuts. The tournament featured 17 stadiums, 14 cities, and 78,011 spectators. The tournament also featured a round-robin system in the second round.

In 1970, the FIFA World Cup took place in Mexico. The tournament featured a number of Brazilian players. In addition, Israel and Morocco took part in the tournament. The tournament was known for its attacking style of play.


Runners-up in the FIFA World Cup are not a new thing. This competition has been held every four years since 1930. It’s a great opportunity for countries to showcase their talent. It also gives young players a chance to gain national recognition.

32 teams from around the world have contested the World Cup. The top four teams advance to the knockout stages. Each team can win the Golden Ball, a golden ball awarded to the best player in the tournament.

The first World Cup was held in 1930, hosted by Uruguay. Uruguay won the inaugural tournament. They went on to win one more title in 1950.

Four South American nations have contested the World Cup. Brazil has won five titles, with Italy and Uruguay winning two each. England, Spain and Germany have also contested it. It is the most prestigious football competition in the world. It was held in twelve different venues.

The most important fact about the FIFA World Cup is that it has been contested every four years. The top 32 national teams compete in a month-long tournament. The winners of the tournament are announced at the end of the tournament. Each team has the opportunity to showcase their best players.

The FIFA World Cup has been a great opportunity for countries to showcase their talent. There have been some great moments in the history of this tournament. One of the most famous moments was Diego Maradona’s “Hand of God” goal in 1986. The World Cup was a milestone for Pele. It propelled him onto the world stage.

The FIFA World Cup has also been a great opportunity for older veterans to continue their legacy. It has been the proving ground for some of the greatest players in history.

List of FIFA world cup all time winners

FIFA world cup all time winners List

YearHost NationWinnerRunner upFinal ScoreNumber of Teams
1954SwitzerlandWest GermanyHungary3-216
1966EnglandEnglandWest Germany4-216
1974West GermanyWest GermanyNetherlands2-116
1982SpainItalyWest Germany3-124
1986MexicoArgentinaWest Germany3-224
1990ItalyWest GermanyArgentina1-024
1994USABrazilItaly0-0 (3-2)24
2002South Korea/JapanBrazilGermany2-032
2006GermanyItalyFrance1-1 (5-3)32
2010South AfricaSpainNetherlands1-032