Samsung Galaxy Z Flip user’s Guide : Hidden, Tips, Tricks and Features You Never Knew Existed In Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

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You just got your hands on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and haven’t learned anything new on the device yet? Or have you been searching for some tips and tricks to enable you to master this device? Then this book is for you. The book also contains hidden features for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip you may never find in other manuals from anywhere.
In this book are steps that serve as an eye-opener to beginners’ of Android devices whose desire is to maximize the Galaxy Z flip. Inside, this manual are numerous advanced features of the Samsung Galaxy Z flip, which you can rarely find somewhere else. The User guide is for all levels from beginner to mastery, and it will take you through unboxing, setting up, essential accessories to help you enjoy the phone, and other thrilling features of the Galaxy Z flip. It also gives an insight into the main functions of the device like setting for fundamental features like security and biometrics, fingerprint scanner & it gestures, viewfinder camera, video enhancer, spilt screen for multi-tasking, Bixby routines, single take, Samsung Pay, setting up notifications panel , etc.
Inside this Manual you will find the following topics;
Introduction to Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Additional Recommended Accessories

Galaxy Z Flip Hardware

Transferring Of Files/Data from Other Phones to Galaxy Z Flip

How to Transfer Files/data to Other Phone Wirelessly

How to Connect the Galaxy Buds+
How to Handle Galaxy Z Flip

Software Update

Power Button/ Bixby/Fingerprint Sensor

How Customize the Side Key/Power button
Setting up Galaxy Z Flip
How to Change Wallpaper

Adaptive Brightness
How to Activate the Blue Light Filter

Meet Edge Lighting

Face Widgets

How to Get Rid Of Cutout Punch of the Camera (Front-Facing)

App Icon Notification Badges

Setting Up the Notification Panel

Configure the Notifications Panel for Quick Access

Galaxy Wearable App

Lockdown Mode

Face Recognition Set Up

Security and Biometrics

Secure Folder

How to Move Files Out Of the Secure Folder

Samsung Pass
Contact Information

Dark Mode

Reduce Grid, Font and App Icon Size

Prevent Calls from Taking up The Entire Screen

Bixby Routines

How to Customize the Bixby Key

Video Enhancer
Motion and Gestures

Game Launcher
Multi-Window Screen
How to turn Fingerprint Sensor into a Scroll Wheel
Samsung Pay
Setting Up
Samsung Pay
Samsung Health
Setting for Faster Screen Flow
Taking Selfie with the Power Button
Flex Mode
Single Take Mode
Split – Screen Apps
Device Care
Navigation Bars (Soft Buttons)
How to Claim Free Youtube Premium
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Battery tips
How to Reset Samsung Galaxy Z Flip
Wireless PowerShare
How to Make and Receive Video/Voice Calls
Receiving Phone Calls on Galaxy Z Flip
How to Block Calls from Unwanted Numbers
Receiving Calls with the Volume Button & Ending Calls with Power/Bixby Button
Sending Messages
Get the Battery Percentage Meter on the Status Bar
Search Bar
Find My Mobile
How to keep your Galaxy Z Flip Runs Superfast
End Time Malware Software
By time the you are done reading this Manual, you will be able explore the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and know how to troubleshoot common software issues,
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