MOSHTU Plastic Bathroom Storage Shelf Organization with Rack Basket with Self Stick for Shampoo; Conditioner and Soap

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Price: ₹ 499.00 - ₹ 199.00
(as of Aug 03,2020 23:14:39 UTC – Details)

Product Description

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    MOSHTU Plastic Bathroom Storage Shelf Organization with Rack Basket with Self Stick for Shampoo; Conditioner and Soap

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MOSHTU Is Your Trusted Brand In Home Decor
No Drill NO Damage.
Outstanding bearing capacity rack, can bear more than 2KG.
No trace Removal and Reinstallation.
it is suit for smooth, flat, such as ceramic tile, smooth glass, mirror stainless steel etc.

If the concave and convex surface little than 1MM, it will automatically fill Instructions: 1. Ensure the surface is smooth, do not install on the uneven surface. 2. Choose the place you want to apply, clean up the ash and grease, keep it dry and clean. 3. Tear off the back protect film of shelves. 4. Put the it fit close to the wall and press the it to fix the position. 5.Rotate counterclockwise to remove the product. 6.Press the suction, push out the air. 7.Install the assembled body, Rotate clockwise to Tightened the cover.

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Package included: 1 Pc Bathroom Self.
Size : 25x11x7 cm.
Color : Random color will be Shipped.
Material : ABS Plastic.

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Spaces saving:this space saver will make full use of space in your room ,as well as make your room look clean and tidy

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Easy to install: wall mounted includes all parts for installation, no drill and screw required, super adhesive wall stickers

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Could be set up in kitchen, bathroom, living room, fits any mounting surface with a smooth surface. Suitable for glass, tile, stainless steel surface

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Mount on a smooth and polished surface like ceramic tile, glass and mirror. Do not use on Wall / Wooden Surface. Max Weight Load = 2 Kgs.

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Color as per available
Material: Plastic

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