Google Glass: EXPLAINED (Google-GLASS Book explaining it’s part in Daily Life and Augmented Reality 1)

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Are You Ready to Learn All About Google GLASS ?

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In this Book we will speak mainly about the Google-GLASS Features in Daily Life, (obviously answering many of the questions that instantly pops-up in your mind when you think about using Google-GLASS in your Day-to-Day Life). Book also covers the most famous and interesting aspects of Google-GLASS such as the practical uses of Augmented Reality , the awesome ‘ LIVE ’ feature in GLASS and much much more. The Wearable technology from the Multi-Billion Dollar Giant (ie.GOOGLE) is definitely an awesome gadget to have.

Listed below are some of the Interesting Topics covered inside in detail:

  • Augmented or Virtual Reality aspect of Google-Glass
  • Comparison of Glass with Phone/Android (it’s Pros and Cons)
  • Making others live your reality along with you
  • Benefits in Work
  • Benefits at Education
  • Data Storage in GLASS
  • Music with GLASS
  • Security features and Maintanence
  • Travelling with GLASS On and it’s Pros
  • OS (Operating Sytem) Compatibility of GLASS
  • ‘ LIVE ’ feature and it’s advantages
  • Can Normal Glass frames be weared with Google-GLASS
  • Can GLASS have Multiple users
  • Interacting with the Real-World with GLASS On
  • Scope of Glass in Healthcare
  • Is Internet (being Online) compulsory to use Glass
  • Where can’t you wear Google-GLASS
  • Is it allowed on a Plane
  • General Review
  • And Much Much MORE…!!!!


Are you ready to learn…??..If you are, then come on in the new world of Reality – ie. The ‘ Google-GLASS Reality ’ .

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