GLARE INDIA Multipurpose lubrication Oil (1 L)

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Price: ₹ 675.00 - ₹ 590.00
(as of Aug 01,2020 22:51:02 UTC – Details)

Glare machine oil is used to lubricate sewing machines where metal parts come in contact with one another preventing excessive wear. It also aids in the protection against rust and damage. Glare all purpose lubricant oil applications fans, locks, printers, hand tools, electronics, air conditioners ,sewing machines, joints ; hings ,home appliances many more. Pure ; clean sewing machine oil , oiling any ; all metal parts spout reaches any area, keeps sewing machines working smoothly, adds many years of life to the machine, glare sewing machine lubricant oil pack one ltr high lubricating qualities pure, non-flowing compound remove the needle plate. Turn the handwheel towards yourself until the needle is fully raised and open the hinged front cover. Unscrew the needle plate screws. A screw driver will come with the machine. Clean the feed dog. Remove the bobbin. Use the brush supplied to clean the area. Remove the bobbin case. Snap the two hook retaining arms outwards. Remove the hook cover and the hook. Clean with a soft cloth. Lubricate the points in the instructional manual with 1-2 drops of sewing machine oil. Turn the hand wheel until the hook race is in the left position. Replace the hook. Replace the hook cover, and snap back the hook retaining arms. Insert the bobbin case and bobbin and replace the stitch plate.

Capacity: 1L
Multipurpose lubrication Oil

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